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Fuel prices

Sans plomb 95 (Unleaded) 1.439€
Sans plomb 98 (Superunleaded) -.---€
Gazole (Diesel) 1.199€

date : 11/05/2015

Carrefour and Eurotunnel Calais


Carrefour Cité Europe is only a 5 minute drive from Eurotunnel Calais terminal. Free parking.

Carrefour and MyFerryLink Dover - Calais

offer MyFerryLink Dover calais buy wine

Cross over to Calais with MyFerryLink, pop into the Carrefour hypermarket at Cité Europe.

Carrefour and Cité Europe

Wine Beer Alcohol and food Supermarket inside Cité Europe shopping center

We are inside Cité Europe shopping center


Special Opening in MAY

from 9 AM TO 8 PM

  • Monday 25/05/2015

Special Opening in JULY

from 9 AM TO 8 PM

  • Tuesday 14/07/2015

Special Opening in AUGUST

from 9 AM TO 8 PM

  • Saturday 15/08/2015

Special Opening in NOVEMBER

from 9 AM TO 8 PM

  • Wednesday 11/11/2015
  • Sunday 29/11/2015

Special Opening in DECEMBER

from 9 AM TO 8 PM

  • Sunday 6/12/2015
  • Sunday 13/12/2015
  • Sunday 20/12/2015
  • Sunday 27/12/2015