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Fuel prices

Sans plomb 95 (Unleaded) 1.329€
Sans plomb 95-E10 1.309€
Sans plomb 98 (Superunleaded) 1.359€
E85 0.639€
Gazole (Diesel) 1.159€
Gazole+ (Diesel+) 1.209€
GPL 0.599€

date : 09/08/2017

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Carrefour and Eurotunnel Calais


Carrefour Cité Europe is only a 5 minute drive from Eurotunnel Calais terminal. Free parking.

Carrefour and Cité Europe

Wine Beer Alcohol and food Supermarket inside Cité Europe shopping center

We are inside Cité Europe shopping center

Shops, Restaurant and Hypermarket Located right by the Channel Tunnel in Calais

Wine BIB to buy in Carrefour Calais

wine BIB Calais

Wine Bag-in-box from Australia, California and France




1001, boulevard du Kent
62231 Coquelles
France > Nord Pas-de-Calais

Carrefour Calais is a branch of .

Tel: 00 33 91 91 02 79


N 50° 56' 5.674'' E 1° 48' 41.133''

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9am to 9pm

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9am to 9.30pm