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Is there a free car park ?

Yes, you can park free in front of our shop or inside the Cité Europe car park.



Is all your product online?

No, you can find other product if you visit our shop.

How much wine, beer and alcohol can I buy?

There are no limits on what private persons can buy and take with them when they travel between EU countries, as long as the products purchased are for personal use and not for resale, with exception of new means of transport. Taxes (VAT and excise) will be included in the price of the products in the Member State of purchase and no further payment of taxes can be due in any other Member State.

European Legislation for personnal use in English : http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/common/travellers/within_eu/index_en.htm

European Legislation for personnal use in French : http://www.douane.gouv.fr/articles/a10795-achats-personnels-au-sein-de-l-union-europeenne .

Although there are no limits to the alcohol and tobacco you can bring in from EU countries, you’re more likely to be asked questions if you have more than the amounts below.

Type of goodsAmount
Beer 110 litres
Wine 90 litres
Spirits 10 litres
Fortified wine (eg sherry, port) 20 litres

More informations : Bringing goods into the UK



Do you deliver at home?

No, you have to collect your order in our shop at Coquelle, near Calais and the Eurotunnel.



Is it possible to pay online?

No, you can pre-order online but you pay when you collect your order. 

How do I pay for my order?

We accept cash, credit card, cheque and voucher. Consult our Payment Mode page for more information.




What if I want a refund?

You can be refund or the product can be exchange if you bring it to our store undamaged. 15 days refund with receipt, non-degraded product , unopened.